A letter on watching you play -7/23/19

Last week we went to The Children’s Museum. It’s one of your favorite places to go and my favorite places to take you. I love watching you guys discover and play- it’s like I am watching the wheels turn in your brain as you’re learning. I like that I am able to stand back and just let you guys explore.

One of these really cool moments was watching you, Akiva, while you played in the fire truck. You gravitate towards that a lot lately. The truck was full of big kids.

I was so nervous watching you because I thought they might ignore you or tell you you can’t play. Instead one older kid looked over at you and said “well if you’re gonna help me fight a fire you gotta get your gear on!”

You immediately hopped out and put on your jacket and hat (your jacket on backwards) and ran back into the truck, holding tight to your hat so it wouldn’t fly off. From then on you played with the big group as this kid assigned tasks to each individual to run a “real” fire station. It was so amazing I teared up.

I regret not finding his mom or dad and applauding them on encouraging such a good heart in their son.

Lola, your favorite part of the museum right now is the water station. You love to pour the water into all the different scoops and bowls. We dress you in a little raincoat to keep your clothes dry. You still end up soaked. Every time. I love watching your determination while you carefully transfer the water from bowl to bowl without losing a drop of water. Then, immediately after, I love watching you pour and splash without a care in the world. I won’t lie to you, we also spend a great deal of time trying to make sure you don’t drink the water when I’m not looking. I swear you take me saying no as a challenge.

You don’t venture off too far from me as of now. Don’t get me wrong you are completely comfortable doing your own thing, I just notice you checking to make sure I’m close. I don’t mind and I know I’m going to miss it so much when you don’t. But that’s okay because I know how lucky I am to watch as you grow up and continue to become the independent, incredible person that you are.

I am so thankful to be you girls’ mommy and thankful to watch these moments. You both are so smart, imaginative and creative. Every night your daddy and I thank the universe that we get to be witness as you girls move mountains.

And you think you’re just playing. 🖤

You are loved. You are important. I believe in you.


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