A letter on love- 7/13/19

To my daughters.

Recently I wrote about the mistake I have made in ever raising my voice to you. Speaking of mistakes, there is something else I hope you know. 

I am human, I am not perfect and I have made and will make many mistakes in my lifetime. I promise to own up to my mistakes, and to grow from them. For you, for your daddy and for myself. 

There was a time, before I met your daddy, that I thought my mistakes or actions warranted mistreatment. I thought love was contingent on good behavior and what I had to offer other people. There was a time I thought I was indebted to someone just for treating me kindly or showing me love. 

Your dad not only loved me without conditions but showed me that I was worthy of that love. He loved me when I didn’t make it easy. He loved me when I didn’t love myself. He has loved me mad, he has loved me happy, loved me sad, loved me silly and loved me all the versions of me in between. Your dad showed me the true meaning of unconditional love. Truly, read that word and think about it. Unconditional. 

You too, are worthy of the best treatment on the planet and deserve nothing short of pure, enveloping love. Don’t ever let anyone, even the person in the mirror, make you doubt that. 

Someday, you will meet someone and experience this love. Until then, your dad and I will focus on one of our many missions as parents- to make sure you know you’re worth it. 

As always, you are loved, you are important. I believe in you. 


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