A letter on rain- 7/16/19

Today we taught you how to play freeze tag. The grass was wet from the rain this afternoon; rain that we played in while we waited for daddy to get home from work. 

I’ve never minded the rain. It calms me when I hear it outside our windows while we all watch movies snuggled on the couch. I like how it brings the worms out because it reminds me of the first time your daddy pointed one out to you, how you watched in awe as it wiggles across the sidewalk.  And even though I roll my eyes and rush you at times, I love holding your hand while you stop to jump in every puddle on the way to the car. 

A couple weeks back the sky was calm, but you were not. I could tell a storm was coming, literally, not figuratively. But to prevent a downfall of tears (probably from all three of us) I knew we needed fresh air. I asked if you wanted to try an icee, “but we have to be super fast because thunder is coming!”  Your little feet sounded much bigger as they ran down the hallway to get your shoes. I watched you jump up to try to grab the rain coat hanging just out of your reach. I continued to watch as the little wheels in your head turned and you climbed up onto the bench to make yourself taller and reach your jacket. 

We took the shortcut through the fence behind the One building as the storm clouds crept in. The sky was dark by the time we got to the gas station and everyone stared at me as I pulled you guys towards the icee fountain. 

“Terrible time for a walk” the cashier said as she shook her head. I ignored her while I read off the flavors to you both. Akiva, you chose cherry. Lola you chose cherry as well, but only after I reminded you that Mountain Dew flavor wasn’t an option. 

You both held your hoods up with one hand and gripped your icee with the other as I ran across the parking lot towards our apartment. It was raining harder now. We passed someone on their bike and they smiled and waved. They too, like me and like you, must not mind the rain. 

You are loved, you are important, I believe in you.


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